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German Mainstream TV: Syria Chemical Attack Was A ‘False Flag’

veteran press reporter, Uli Gack, spoke with multiple to witnesses

 on 22nd April 2018 @ 2.21pm
 veteran press reporter  uli gack  spoke with multiple to witnesses © press
veteran press reporter, Uli Gack, spoke with multiple to witnesses

A senior mainstream reporter for a German state media broadcast ZDF heute, stunned is European when he claimed the recent chemical attack in Syria was a "staged" false flag. 

The veteran press reporter, Uli Gack, spoke with multiple to witnesses on about the alleged chemical attack and concluded that "the Douma chemical attack is probably staged, terrific many individuals here appear extremely persuaded."

The local Syrian who spoke to the German public broadcast reporter seemed dismissive of the prevalent accusation that the Syrian federal government was responsible for gassing its citizens.

ZDF heute: The world continues to puzzle over whether the banned chemical weapons were used in Douma.

ZDF correspondent Uli Gack remains in Syria for us:

"you were in a big refugee camp today and talked to a lot of individuals - exactly what did you hear about the attack there?" Gack responded, "the Douma chemical attack is probably staged, excellent many individuals here seem very persuaded."

german mainstream tv  syria chemical attack was a    false flag

According to ZeroHedge: The German ZDF report is consistent with seasoned British journalist Robert Fisk's investigation upon being the first Western reporter to get to the site in Douma.

Fisk reported early this week, "There are the many individuals I talked with amid the ruins of the town who said they had 'never believed in' gas stories-- which were put about, they declared, by the armed Islamist groups."

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is one of Germany's biggest and earliest state-owned channels, which is funded in part through citizens paying a household licensing cost, and Heute is perhaps the most outstanding public news program in all of Germany.

According to the live report, some witnesses told ZDF that Islamist rebels eliminated victims with chlorine, filmed the scenes, then claimed an 'Assad chemical attack'.

Though talking to "a terrific many individuals [who] appear persuaded" that a chemical attack did not really take place, the reporter did not attempt to censor exactly what he regularly spoke with locals who were stated to be in the area when the occasions occurred.

Progressively, it appears that mainstream media gate-keepers are losing it over that numerous extremely noticeable and respected press reporters and broadcasters have actually included reports today which publicly question the Syrian chemical attack story and United States coalition rocket strikes that followed.

One author for the Guardian and Daily Beast who is a well-known professional regime-change advocate, for instance, regrets that "disinformation has taken hold" on Syria.

In a series of tweets following Robert Fisk's bombshell report for the Independent, Emma Beals, who typically simply parrots whatever her 'rebel' sources tell her responded to the current profusion of high profile experts questioning the established narrative on significant British platforms.

Beals composed:

My educated and informed friends are emailing me en masse asking me about exactly what's going on in Syria because "it's so tough to work out the truth." Having spent years busting a gut to dig it out, it's heartbreaking to see the extent to which disinformation has taken hold.

Once upon a time, a nation called Syria was ruled by a callous dictator named Bashar Al-Assad.

He was a harsh guy who gassed his own people.

His actions caused a civil war in Syria. America and Europe tried their finest to stop the destructive civil war, as well as generously accepted lots of Syrian refugees.

Eventually America went to Syria, defeated ISIS, and is now aiming to restore stability.

This above version is rather popular among numerous Americans and Europeans and the Western mainstream media.

On the other hand, practically simultaneous to German TELEVISION's ZDF heute report from Syria, lawyers of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) issued a legal short on the US-led strike on Syria.

The left-wing celebration Die Linke requested the government lawyers' report in reaction to the US union rocket strikes which mostly targeted centers around Damascus.

"The release of military force against a state to penalize it for breaking a global convention is a violation of the international law prohibiting violence," reads the report, as cited by the German Press company DPA and equated by Sputnik.

The legal report further concluded that the US-led attack on Syria - which skirted the UN - but which was supported by the German federal government (however without German military participation) was based in chemical attack claims that the legal group deemed "not persuading".

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