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How Rockefeller Destroyed Natural Cures to Create Big Pharma

The Rockefeller family waged war on holistic healing practices

 on 31st March 2018 @ 12.57pm
john d rockefeller was america s first billionaire © press
John D Rockefeller was America's first billionaire

Citizens in the West are privileged with some of the best health care services in the world.

Should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation in a Western nation, you'd have a far better chance of receiving the best healthcare than you would in a developing country.

Because of this, we often overlook the fact that healthcare has become a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Today's mainstream medicine (or allopathy) thrives on treating sick people with expensive drugs, surgery, radiation, and even more drugs.

Many people may also not realize that the opportunity to capitalize on such a vastly profitable ecosystem was first recognized by the Rockefeller family.

In a world of Snopes and social media censorship, anybody who ever questions the motives of large pharmaceutical companies is immediately branded a "conspiracy theorist."

Information about the healing properties of unpatentable plants and holistic practices, or the dangers of Big Pharma drugs, is quickly branded as "fake news."

As with so many other things, citizens have been brainwashed into embracing what is harmful to them but profitable to someone else.

A Rockefeller plan

This opportunity was first realized by John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937).

Rockefeller was a robber baron, an oil magnate, a natural-born monopolist and America’s first billionaire.

He controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the U.S. by the turn on the 20th century, through his oil company, Standard Oil, which was later on divided up to become Chevron, Mobil, Exxon, etc.

rockefeller monopolized the oil industry © press
Rockefeller monopolized the oil industry

Around the year 1900, scientists discovered “petrochemicals” and realized it was possible to create all kinds of chemicals from oil.

The first plastic, for example, was called Bakelite and was made from oil in 1907.

Scientists discovered numerous vitamins and assumed that many pharmaceutical drugs could be produced from oil.

For Rockefeller, this was an incredibly lucrative opportunity.

He realized that he could monopolize the oil, chemical and the medical industries, all at once.

Because petrochemicals were a new discovery, everything could be patented and sold for maximum profits.

But there was a fly in the ointment for Rockefeller’s plan to dominate the medical industry: herbal/natural medicines were very popular in the United States.

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At the time, almost half of all doctors and medical colleges in the U.S. were practicing holistic medicine, using knowledge from Europe and practices used by Native Americans.

Rockefeller was a monopolist, so he knew he needed to get rid of his most significant competition.

To do this, he used the time-proven strategy of “problem-reaction-solution.”

This idea works by creating a problem to scare people, and then offering a (pre-planned) solution. (Similar to terrorism scare, followed by the “Patriot Act”).

a quote from john d  rockefeller on the american workforce © press
A quote from John D. Rockefeller on the American workforce

To devise his scheme, he sought assistance from long-time associate, and fellow plutocrat, Andrew Carnegie, who had made his money from monopolizing the steel industry.

The prestigious Carnegie Foundation sent a man named Abraham Flexner to travel around the country.

He was tasked with reporting on the status of hospitals and medical colleges around the US.

This gave birth to the Flexner Report, which led to modern medicine as we know it today.

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Naturally, the report declared the need for revamping and the centralization of medical institutions.

Over half of all medical colleges were soon closed following the report.

Homeopathy and natural medicines were demonized and mocked, with some doctors even jailed.

Rockefeller donated more than $100 million to colleges and hospitals to help with the transition and change the minds of other scientists and doctors.

He also founded a philanthropic front group called “General Education Board” (GEB).

david rockefeller died in march 2017 © press
David Rockefeller died in March 2017

Carrot and stick

Medical colleges were soon all streamlined and homogenized.

Students were all learning the same thing, and medicine only involved using patented drugs.

Scientists also received substantial grants to study the healing properties of plants and how they cured diseases.

But their job was to identify which chemicals in the plant were effective so a similar chemical could be recreated and then be patented.

the rockefeller dynasty is one of the most powerful families on the planet © press
The Rockefeller dynasty is one of the most powerful families on the planet

"A pill for an ill" quickly became a mantra for modern medicine.

100 years later medical colleges are churning out doctors who know nothing about holistic practices or the benefits of nutrition or herbs.

Corporations have enslaved an entire society for its "well-being."

The American Government spends 15% of its Gross domestic product (GDP) on mainstream healthcare.

The system focuses only on symptoms and not cure, creating a never-ended flurry of repeat paying customers.

There is no known cure for cancer, autism, diabetes, asthma, or even flu.

This is a system designed by oligarchs and plutocrats, not by doctors, so why would there be real cures?

Curing these profitable diseases would just be bad business.

And on the topic of cancer, the American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 by guess who..?

John D. Rockefeller.

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