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NBA Star: The Elite Uses Sport to Control the Masses

Jaylen Brown admits 'sport is a mechanism of control in America'

 on 12th January 2018 @ 2.58pm
jaylen brown says sport is a way for the elite to control the masses © press
Jaylen Brown says sport is a way for the elite to control the masses

Boston Celtics basketball player Jaylen Brown has spoken out expose big-league sports as a tool used by the Elite to control the masses.

Considered to be one of the most intelligent and interesting young athletes in America today, the 21-year-old NBA star has described sport as a "mechanism of control."

Brown's comments are reminiscent of warning from the late author Bill Cooper who revealed that large sporting events such as the Olympics, were created by the Romans as a distraction.

With mass events like the Super Bowl pulling in an average viewership of 111.3 million in 2017, the potential to distract citizens en masse is obvious.

According to Brown, sport deflects attention away from social and economic imbalance and without it, people would be "disappointed with their role in society," adding:

"There would be a lot more anger or stress about the injustice of poverty and hunger."

super bowl 2017 pulled in an average of 111 3 million viewers © press
Super Bowl 2017 pulled in an average of 111.3 million viewers

There have been numerous articles in which an unnamed NBA executive apparently suggested that Brown might be “too smart” for the league or “his own good.”

In his year at college, before pausing his degree to play in the NBA, Brown wrote a thesis about how institutionalized sport impacts on education.

large sporting events were created to distract the public from social and economic injustice © press
Large sporting events were created to distract the public from social and economic injustice

“I was super emotional reading about it,” he says of his chosen subject.

“There’s this idea of America that some people have to win and some have to lose so certain things are in place to make this happen.

"Some people have to be the next legislators and political elites and some have to fill the prisons and work in McDonald’s.

"That’s how America works. It’s a machine which needs people up top, and people down low."

lady gaga was accused of including satanic symbolism in her super bowl performance © press
Lady Gaga was accused of including Satanic symbolism in her Super Bowl performance

“Even though I’ve ended up in a great place, who is to say where I would’ve been without basketball?

"It makes me feel for my friends. And my little brothers or cousins have no idea how their social mobility is being shaped.

"I wish more and more that I can explain it to them.

"Just because I’m the outlier in my neighborhood who managed to avoid the barriers set up to keep the privileged in privilege, and the poor still poor, why should I forget about the people who didn’t have the same chance as me?”

"That’s the reality because sports is a mechanism of control.

"If people didn’t have sports they would be a lot more disappointed with their role in society.

"There would be a lot more anger or stress about the injustice of poverty and hunger.

"Sports is a way to channel our energy into something positive.

"Without sports who knows what half of these kids would be doing?

"We’re having some of the same problems we had 50 years ago.

"Some things have changed a lot but other factors are deeply embedded in our society.

"People are now a lot more aware, engaged and united in our culture.

"Often reporters and fans say: ‘If you’re an athlete I don’t want you to say anything. You should be happy you’re making x amount of money playing sport. You should be saluting America instead of critiquing it.’

"That’s our society."

nba star jaylen brown describes sport as  a mechanism of control in america © press
NBA star Jaylen Brown describes sport as 'a mechanism of control in America'

Brown’s readiness to talk about politics and culture might account for the surreal suggestion in 2016 that he was “too smart” for the NBA.

From the outside, ‘smart’ seemed a euphemism for ‘troublesome’.

What did Brown think when, as a teenager, he heard words unlikely to be used in conjunction with a white athlete?

"It was hinting at something very problematic within society.

"It bothered me but I was so focused on getting to where I was going I never dissected it or pointed it out to anybody.

"But I disagree that an athlete can’t be intelligent.

"Some people think that, in basketball, we have a bunch of masculine adults who don’t know how to control themselves.

"They’re feeble-minded and can’t engage or articulate ideas.

"That’s a narrative they keep trying to paint."

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