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About Us

We created Neon Nettle as a free independent news source created by people for people, not corporations. We gather news and information from the web and present them to our viewers in the most 'easy to digest' way possible. We adhere to all copyright laws and honour our aggregated content by citing our sources and authorship.

Neon Nettle was launched as an educational and thought provoking publication. At Neon Nettle, we believe the mainstream has become less valid as it continues its ongoing practices of censorship and engineered narratives.

We appreciate that there are aspect of our articles that you won't agree with, but that's ok, in fact, we encourage it! If you don't agree with something then leave your thoughts in our comment section or even write a counter article and if relevant enough, we will happily publish it.

We use advertisements on the site to keep the site a free and open source for everyone to enjoy.

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