Extremely Rare color film shows How London looked in 1927

Original Biocolour Film Enhanced by BFI

By: Steve McQueen
 on 11th January 2014 @ 10.31pm
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Photographer and Film maker Claude Friese-Greene shot some of the first ever colour film footage in London, this particular piece is from way back in 1927.


Film pioneers are usually associated with French names like Lumiere and Melies, but Friese-Greene’s style captures London in acute detail for its time. Most people in the video may well have passed, but what is noticeable is how things look largely similar today (see below)

The British Film Institute have used computer enhancement to minimise the flickering and low quality of the original bicolour film.


Source deathandtaxes

Photo Credit: Youtube/TheBritishFilmInstitute

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